Presentations of Medical Cannabis

Medical Cannabis is available in different presentations and different combinations of CBD and THC.

The common presentations are: 

  • Oils
  • Capsules/Gels
  • Sprays
  • Flowers

There are 5 categories of Medical Cannabis:

  • Category 1 – CBD>98%
  • Category 2 – CBD between 60-98%
  • Category 3 – CBD between 40-60%
  • Category 4 – THC 60-98%
  • Category 5 – THC >98%
Oral vs Vaping:
Oil Flower
Onset 60-180 minutes 5-10 minutes
Duration 6-8 hours 2-4 hours
Absorption From the GUT, metabolised by the liver, excreted via the bloodstream From the lungs directly into the blood
Method Syringe Vaping
Advantages Discreet Effect lasts longer Fast onset
Disadvantages Slower onset Not as good for acute symptoms Shorter duration More frequent dosing Needs vapourisation device
Why choose vaping? Vaping allows for quick onset of action and is therefore of benefit when Medical Cannabis is needed at short notice. A quick onset may be required in the following circumstances:
  •     Anxiety
  •     Panic attacks
  •     Breakthrough pain
  •     Insomnia – especially difficulty falling asleep
 What equipment do you need for vaping?
  •     Vapouriser (only use TGA approved devices)
  •     Scale measuring from 0.01g to 0.1g
  •     Grinder
Vaping versus Smoking: The temperature reached with the direct burn from smoking is much higher and hence 30-50% is destroyed. Smoking also creates toxic by-products. Vaping heats the cannabis to an ideal temperature 160-230 degrees, making more product available for absorption and hence requiring a smaller dose. Toxic by-products are significantly reduced. Which vaping device should I buy? Only purchase vaping devices that have been registered and approved with the TGA for use with Medical Cannabis.
Presentation of Medical Cannabis
Cannabis Flower

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