Patient agreement

  1. I have access to suitable technology and connectivity and know how to use the equipment to participate in the consultation.
  2. I know what to do if the technology fails.
  3. I have been informed that I should be aware of their surroundings for the consultation and who may be able to hear any audio or view the consultation.
  4. I have been informed that I can have support persons at the consultation. This may include family members, friends, other health practitioners, carers and interpreter services.
  5. I have been asked if an interpreter is required and, if so, whether a professional interpreter who can speak my language/dialect needs to be organised.
  6. I am aware of the alternatives to a telehealth consultation.
  7. I have had the billing arrangements explained to me and have provided my financial consent. I understand that until the consult has been completed or the reason for the consult has been established the provider of the service is unable to confirm whether I am able to access a Medicare rebate, whether I will be assigning a bulk billed Medicare rebate for the consultation to the provider and any gap payments that I am responsible for.
  8. I have been informed that I may need to be seen in person if the provider of the service considers that the telehealth consultation alone is not appropriate.
  9. I have read and understood the Liability Waiver Clause that applies to this service.
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