How to take Medical Cannabis

Medicinal cannabis products can be taken in several ways: 

  • Spray: When sprayed into the mouth or under the tongue, medicinal cannabis can start to take effect between 10 minutes and 90 minutes, and effects are usually strongest after 2–4 hours. Using a spray may make it easier to get the right dose (amount) of cannabis medicine. 
  • Swallowing: When swallowed as oils, liquid capsules or tablets, medicinal cannabis effects usually start after 30–90 minutes and are strongest after 2–4 hours. The effects may last 24 hours. Oils are best absorbed after a fatty meal and can be placed under or on the tongue. As it takes longer to feel the effects when swallowing a cannabis medicine, it is important to wait at least 3 hours before taking another dose to avoid accidental overdose. 
  • Vaporising: Vaporising heats the cannabis without burning it and releases the cannabinoids and other chemicals in the form of a vapour which is then inhaled. The effects can start after 90 seconds and are usually strongest after 15–30 minutes. Vaporising is best for fast-acting, short-term relief.
How to take Medical Cannabis
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